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Antistat ESD Protection - ESD Catalogue - Anti Static Mat - ESD Bench Mat 2 Layer - Textured Finish
ESD Bench Mat 2 Layer - Textured Finish

ESD Bench Mat 2 Layer - Textured Finish

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Product Code(s): 082-0028 to 082-0027

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High quality anti static / ESD bench matting with a reflection breaking surface to reduce glare and improve operator comfort. This matting provides protection against small collisions thanks to natural resilience of rubber.

  • Prevents sliding of delicate components thanks to excellent friction coefficient
  • Heat resistant: rubber does not melt or burn coming into contact with hot metal parts or soldering debris
  • Resistant to chemical agents normally used for maintenance
  • Oil resistance: this product resists most oils
  • Suitable for loose laying: does not require application with adhesive
  • Good resistance to scratches
  • Excellent flexibility and comfort
  • Cut mats available on request
  • European origin
Image for illustrative purposes only, exact colour may differ slightly from shown
Construction Layers:
Blue Antistatic Mat

Requesting Cut Mats with Studs:
If ordering pre cut mats and you require studs to be added, please ensure that the position of the stud is specified as per Fig 1, if you require more than one stud again please specify the positioning.

Fig.1 Stud Positioning

Ordering Information
Product Code: Description: Size: Colour:


Textured Finish 1.2m wide / 10m length roll Blue


Textured Finish 1.2m wide / 10m length roll Grey


Textured Finish 1.2m wide / 10m length roll Green


Textured Finish 600 x 1200mm Blue


Textured Finish 600 x 1200mm Grey


Textured Finish 600 x 1200mm Beige


Textured Finish 600 x 1200mm Green
Product Code: Description: Size: Qty:


Stud - Top Left 10mm Each


Stud - Top Right 10mm Each


Stud - Bottom Left 10mm Each


Stud - Bottom Right 10mm Each


Stud - All 4 Corners 10mm Qty 4 Studs

Download our datasheet for instructions and detailed technical information.

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