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Three Spot Humidity Indicator Card - Cobalt Free

Three Spot Humidity Indicator Card - Cobalt Free

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Product Code(s): MS051060-H, CF

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To offer the electronics and semiconductor industries an environmentally friendly Cobalt Free Humidity Indicator (HI) card.

What are they?
Cobalt Free HI Cards provide humidity level indication for dry packaging to electronic and semiconductor manufacturers who desire a card without cobalt.

Why use them?
Many products are highly sensitive to moisture. In order to constantly verify that dry packaging methods are not compromised during storage and transport of these products, humidity indicator cards allow users along the supply chain to monitor the package conditions. Indicator spots change from brown to green after exposure to the relevant relative humidity conditions. The cards are reversible and change as conditions change in the packaging environment, allowing users to monitor the conditions of product packaging. The environmentally friendly Cobalt Free HI cards do not contain cobalt and some configurations can be produced with less than 900 ppm halogen levels where required.

Key Advantages:

  • Cobalt Free Humidity Indicator Cards are free of Cobalt, a chemical which has classification and labeling requirements under the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) REACH directives
  • Meets all relevant ECB/REACH labeling requirements
  • Typical applications include the dry packaging of semiconductor and electronic devices
  • Most configurations offer less than 900 ppm Halogen levels


Ordering Information
Product Code: Description: Indicates (%RH) Size (in): Additional Notes:
ANT051060-H, CF 3 Dot HIC - Cobalt Free 5, 10, 60 1.12 x 1.46 200 cards per can
ANTJ-STD-033, CF 3 Dot HIC - Cobalt Free 5, 10, 60 2 x 3 125 cards per can
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