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Simco Aerostat PC Ionising Air Blower

Simco Aerostat PC Ionising Air Blower

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Product Code(s): 4003367

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Provides localised coverage with superior charge decay efficiency. The Aerostat PC is designed to provide ionisation to a targeted work surface. It is distinguished by its variable speed control and patented emitter point cleaner and is an excellent choice for eliminating static in production processes. While helping to protect products and personnel from the effects of static discharge.

  • Fast, targeted neutralisation of static charges
  • Lightweight, compact and quiet for unobtrusive use
  • Built-in point cleaner simplifies maintenance
  • Variable speed fan for airflow control
  • Status lamp indicates high voltage is present at the emitter points
  • Integrated heater for warm air flow if desired
  • Enclose: Aluminium
  • Finish: Acrylic Enamel
Size (W x H x D): 5 x 85⁄8 x 3 in.
Weight: 5.7lb (2.6kg)
Air Volume Output: 35CFM 70CFM (low high)
Area Coverage: 1 x 5 ft.
Ion Balance (Offset Voltage): 0 10V
Discharge Time*: 1.5 seconds

* Discharge time in seconds (5000V 500V) determined per EOS/ESD Association Standard No. 3; Unit at 1 above test plate, fans at high speed.

Ordering Information
Product Code: Description: Additional Notes:
4003367 / 095-0061 Aerostat® PC Ionising Air Blower 120V, 60Hz Each
4003368 Aerostat® PC Ionising Air Blower 230V, 50Hz CE-EU Each
4008087 / 095-0033 Aerostat® PC Ionising Air Blower 230V, 50Hz CE-UK Each

Download our datasheet for instructions and detailed technical information.

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