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News Archive 2012

Antistat Release New Ergonomic Chair Range

19/11/2012 at 12:44:36

Antistat have now released a new range of ergonomic ESD chairs. These chairs have been specifically designed to promote a healthy seating posture while maintaining employee comfort and productivity. They are available for a variety of work bench heights from 70 - 100cm and in a variety of materials to best suit your ESD Protected Area. To view the full range please click here.

Team Antistat wins 2012 British GTs

16/10/2012 at 15:22:07

Please click the image below to view a full sized version:

Antistat Online Store coming soon...

14/09/2012 at 15:20:11

Antistat will be opening a new online store with a wide range of our products available.

Antistat Online will have products ranging from antistatic bags to gloves, ESD matting to conductive brushes. While all of the products are available from us through phone and web enquiries the Antistat Online store will offer them without any minimum order quantities.

We will strive to have all orders dispatched within 3 working days or we will inform you if dispatch will take longer.

If you require large quantities or special orders we will still be accepting these enquiries as before.

For more information on any of our items, please call us on +44 (0)1437 836 200 or email us on

Antistat to open new offices in Germany

17/07/2012 at 16:36:16

As part of ongoing European and global development plans, Antistat, a division of the Ant Group, has opened sales and distribution facilities in Nuremberg, Germany.

With an increasing demand for ESD consumables in Europe, the Group has taken this step to increase its footprint in the region by employing 5 new sales team members, geographically split across Germany to explore new opportunities and build on existing relationships.

The offices will also provide an enhanced base of operations for central Europe providing both logistical and distribution benefits to existing customers and new contract wins.

"This new facility enables Antistat to further solidify our position as the acknowledged leader in ESD Protection for the electronics industry in Europe and will provide a firm foundation for our expansion plans in India and the USA throughout 2013" said John Hensley, CEO at Antistat.

Bhutan Data Centre Services Project Completed

17/05/2012 at 13:05:31

Richard Vass of Bhutan Data Centre Services stated; "Integrity Tile was a doddle to install. The lack of any skilled labour locally was a huge concern. However, having completed the first section myself, I realised it was so easy that I handed over to some of my team, normally engaged in building servers!

The product looked great, and the interlocking "dovetails" pulled the tiles together firmly so, despite a rather poor quality screed, the Integrity covered a multitude of imperfections. The overall effect was that of a professionally laid floor with no raised edges. On top of this, we are confident that we have a high performance anti-static flooring where many other data centres would overlook this important feature".

EcoTile Bhutan

Motorbase Performance Team at Nurburgring

21/05/2012 at 13:42:40

After a weekend largely dominated by Porsches save for the Aston Martin win in the first race DuncanCameron overcame two 997s to record the first win of the season for MTECH and the Ferrari 458.

Starting the car from fifth place on the rolling start Cameron's teammate MattGriffin was one of many drivers surprised by JoeOsbornes dive down the inside into turn one. In one move he passed Griffin, MichaelCaines MotorbasePorsche and JonnyAdam's race one winning Aston, the pass on Adam completed around the outside turn two as he was briefly held up on the inside line by RichardWestbrook.

After his electric start Osborne started to fade becoming the head of a train of cars containing most of those he had jumped at the start. Caine, Adam and Griffin concertinaed up behind the Porsche, AllanSimonsen and TimHarvey closing in on the tail. Caine escaped into third place, his pace pulling away from Osborne 1.6 seconds in a single lap proving that the former GT4 champion was holding up those behind.

Adam searched for a way around the Porsche with no luck, allowing Griffin to down the inside of turn one with a diving move of his own. He sailed past Adam before running slightly wide through the right hander, pushing Osborne wide leaving a space of an opportunistic Adam to pull alongside exiting turn two and ahead on the short straight towards turn three.

The Porsche 1-2-3 that had developed at the front had fallen into comfortable gaps, NickTandy, who led easily into turn one at the start of the race steadily pulling away from Westbrook, who in turn was pulling away from Caine.

With a slow stop as Caine handed the car to DanielePerfetti the no.11 crew fell back, dropping to fifth after all the pitstops had been completed. That had let Duncan Cameron up into third place, not that he knew that, as he told The Checkered Flag after the race;

"It was one of those where I didnt really know where we were in the race and I didnt want to ask but I could see when I left the pits there was a Porsche but it was a long way in front of me. All weekend weve not been good against the Porsches, theyre massively quick in a straight line which round here seems to make a big difference so the first time I saw him the first time I saw him I didnt think I was going to catch him that quickly but within two of three laps I was on him and got past him relatively easily and then I could see another one and that was David and I though the same thing maybe this is for third place so Ill push."

"I caught him really quickly, I think I made 3.5 seconds on one lap which was a surprise. Compared to the Porsches we were really good on the brakes, hopeless in a straight line but then the Ferrari is just about the slowest GT3 car in a straight line at the moment, but on the brakes we were mega so I just went down the inside into turn seven and he didnt really put up much of fight. The last three of four laps of the race I was sitting there thinking I dont want to ask, I dont want to ask so I sat and waited for the checkered flag out and when it came out for me I thought thats it P1."

With Cameron out in the lead Perfetti was gaining on DavidAshburn in second, taking three seconds out of the past champion to close in with to just three-tenths with only a few minutes in the hour left. Perfettis drive after his lap one spin in the first race had made him one of the stars of the meeting, and now on Ashburns tail he was pushing for second place groping for an opportunity around the outside of the hairpin on both the penultimate and final laps, running wide on the final lap as the battling pair started their journey back up the hill.

Perfettis last chance to claim second place came at the chicane, Ashburn taking the defensive line accordingly, forcing Perfetti into looking around the outside. While initially unsuccessful Perfetti might have been able to use the momentum from the wider line to pass into the final corner but a slide from Ashburn exiting the chicane brought him onto Perfettis line, stopping the Swiss driver from gaining the necessary momentum and leaving the Motorbase driver in third place.

"The team did a superb job," said Perfetti. "Michael did a great job and very had a very consistent car throughout the race which is what I think so of the other teams were struggling with. My pace was good at the end and I managed to make up a little bit more ground and in the end the Trackspeed car was giving me a hard time, he wouldnt let me through and we tried everything so this time round he won it, It was a good battle, we had fun and we both finished."

After dropping behind the Ashburn/Westbrook combination in the pitstops and being passed by both Cameron and Perfetti in his stint SteveParish brought the second Motorbase car fourth after co-driver Nick Tandy had led the entire first stint.

Motorbase Quartet Tackle World Famous Nurburgring

21/05/2012 at 13:36:05

Caine and Perfetti

Following a strong showing at Oulton Park last month, Motorbase Performance is preparing its pair of Porsche 911 GT3Rs for an assault on Germany's Nrburgring in round two of the 2012 Avon Tyres British GT Championship on 18th-20th May.

Almost twelve months ago, the team tasted Nrburgring victory in the Porsche Carrera World Cup with Tim Harvey; something it is keen to emulate during its 2012 visit.

If the opening round in Cheshire is anything to go by, the Kent-based squad can look forward to a solid performance in Germany. The #11 pairing of Michael Caine and Daniele Perfetti currently lie fourth in the championship standings following impressive fourth and sixth place performances, while after securing a deal to compete just days before the start of the season, Steve Parish and Nick Tandy overcame a qualifying crash that relegated them to the back of the field to steer the #10 Porsche to sixth and 11th.

Tandy and ParishAlthough Tandy's British GT appearance was initially a one-off deal, the Porsche expert will be reunited with Parish again for the championship's first Nrburgring event. The Ahrweiler circuit holds fond memories for the 27-year-old, who clinched victory during the Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland's visit there in 2011 en route to securing the overall title.

The British GT Championship will be contesting two hour-long races as part of the support package for one of the world's most prestigious endurance races the 24 Hours Nrburgring marking the series' first outing on the 3.2-mile Grand Prix circuit.

Motorbase Performance Team Principal David Bartrum commented: "We brought home some very credible results in terrible conditions at Oulton Park and we hope to continue this form at the Nrburgring. Michael and Daniele did an excellent job in the opening round and it's great that Nick will be back in the car with Steve for another outing.

"Nrburgring is a new track for British GT and it's a place where we've had success as a team in the past, so it'll be interesting to see how the Porsches compare to the other marques in the field. It will be an exciting weekend for the 200,000 spectators that are expected to attend and hopefully we will continue on our journey to being a British GT team to be reckoned with!"

Antistat to exhibit at SMT Hybrid Packaging Show Nuremberg.

04/05/2012 at 10:59:56

SMT Show Nurenberg

SMT Hybrid Packaging is Europes leading event on System Integration in Micro Electronics. Meet the industry's leading companies for SMT-Equipment, Components and SMT-Services from 8 - 10 May 2012 in Nuremberg, Germany. With 32% foreign exhibitors, the event offers not only a wide, but also an international spectrum. The perfect platform to get the latest information on newest trends and developments!

Antistat are set to exhibit with their German distributor, Horl. Please visit us at booth **6-127.

Antistat BioBags to appear in Plastic Shores Short Film

04/05/2012 at 09:35:17

Plastic Shores ( is a non-profit educational film about the effects of plastic debris on our marine ecosystem produced by La Mode Verte.

Due to be released in 2012, the feature aims to make people think about our use of disposable plastics and what happens to them after they have been thrown away. From the shores of Hawaii to California, Cornwall to Grand Cayman, the film tracks plastic pollution across the Atlantic and Pacific and explains what effects this pollution has on the marine environment, as well as human health.

To find out more, please click here.

Antistat win large contract to fit new ESD flooring system in the Kingdom of Bhutan

28/02/2012 at 15:11:58

Antistat have shipped their first order for a new and exciting project for a flagship IT development, Thimphu TechPark in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Working closely with Burland Technology Solutions to build an impressive new data centre, Antistat utilised their in depth knowledge of both static problems and solutions in mission critical, electronic environments.

Richard Vass, MD of Burland Technology Solutions explained: "Completing the data centre construction and delivering materials to this Himalayan Kingdom has been a challenge from the outset. When we came to discuss speciality flooring finishes and ESD consumables, the criteria had to be performance, quality & longevity of the product, the skill levels required to install and also maintenance and upkeep of the product. I wasted no time in appointing Antistat as experts in this field."

Bearing in mind the required criteria, the interlocking floor system was selected because of its availability and ease of shipping. The tiles can be installed with minimal experience utilising local labour and is virtually maintenance free which suits the modular growth strategy for this new centre.

Having completed the first shipment, Antistat will look at a further 2 shipments to complete this large-scale project.

John Hensley Talks to the Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation

31/01/2012 at 09:44:07

John Hensley, Cyberpac/Harmless

Rethinking: Packaging

Reducing the world of harmful waste created by packaging. This is the future of packaging; here today, gone tomorrow leaving no discernable trace Harmless.

Creating a range of truly compostable packaging. There are so many products nowadays claiming to be environmental champions, but to be fair everything will biodegrade eventually, it just depends on how long you are prepared to wait. We wanted to provide a replacement plastic packaging with compostable, like-for-like equivalents that perform up to, if not better, than existing packaging whilst respecting the environment.

What is the situation currently with packaging?
Packaging gets a bad rap from the general public. People dislike the amount of energy used in producing packaging, the consumer says they have difficulty in unwrapping products because there is too much packaging, as well as the ultimate abhorrence of how to dispose of it all.

Plastic seems to be the focal point of the hate campaign. Probably because traditional plastics, including polythene will sit in landfill forever literally. Images of landfill sites overflowing with waste are commonplace now as the Government focus on reducing the amount sent to landfill. As well as the more emotionally charged pictures of plastic bags floating in the sea or wrapped around marine life, which heighten our guilt about the way we dispose of plastic.

Combined with these consumer sentiments, businesses are also becoming increasingly aware of the need to change their practices to address these concerns. Whilst the most obvious and measurable ways of accomplishing this are through reduced energy consumption, a company can reduce their impact on the environment by changing their thinking about packaging.

There are two changes we can make as an industry to reduce the negative impact packaging has. We know we need packaging and the information that is conveyed on it and so does the consumer but we can be smarter about how we manufacture, use and dispose of it. We have made some progress in reducing the amount of packaging we use, for example, a one litre plastic detergent bottle is 58% lighter than in 1970, but we still need to go further. We must also look to a more sustainable source of material to manufacture packaging. This way we can ensure products continue to be suitably packaged whilst at the same time using packaging that is free of toxins and can be disposed of safely.

At the end of the day, disposal of packaging is all rather confusing for the consumer; a matter raised by WRAP, the government backed waste resource and action programme. The packaging industry should make it a priority to clearly communicate to the consumer to ensure that packaging is disposed of in the right way.

How is Harmless changing that?
Many traditional, fossil fuel plastics like polythene can be made degradable by including a special additive in the mix. However, when discarded, this mix will still be environmentally damaging. Harmless Packaging by contrast works with renewable and sustainable resources for its products. Once Harmless products have reached the end of their useful life, they can be industrially composted to allow them to re-enter the life cycle.

The Harmless Packaging Range utilises starch-based resources to produce Harmless-Compost, Wrap and Air. Harmless-Compost is a line of bags and envelopes with incredible strength and finish can be printed full colour process and will completely biodegrade into naturally occurring substances. Utilising the same technology; Harmless-Wrap and Air are an operational, protective packaging solution with outstanding performance and can be disposed of in industrial composting sites to help reduce the mountain of plastic clogging up the globe.

Harmless-Dissolve uses a hydro-degradable plastic to produce a stronger and lighter plastic bag, which completely dissolves in water leaving no damaging residue. This fantastic product can replace poly-wrap on magazines, cotton laundry bags in hospitals and, with natural anti-static qualities has broad utility in the electronics industry.

What are the key drivers that prompted you to work on a solution?

  • Plastics can take up to 400 years to decompose, meaning that almost all plastic ever made, still exists on our planet.
  • Approximately 80% of post-consumer plastic waste ends up in landfill with only 7% being recycled.
  • Around 30 million tonnes of household waste is generated in the UK every year, of which 5.9 million tonnes is packaging.
  • About 96% of dead seagulls in Northern Scotland were found to have 28 pieces of plastic waste in their stomachs.

However, the packaging industry has been designing with waste prevention in mind for years. Improvements in packaging design and production techniques have resulted in huge material usage reductions. A one pint glass milk bottle is 65% lighter than it was in 1940, a one litre plastic detergent bottle is 58% lighter than in 1970 and a cardboard box is typically 14% lighter than in 1971.

Cyberpac was not complacent and decided that we could work to create more positive statistics.

What are the benefits?
To be classed 'compostable', a material must meet the stringent EN 13432 standard. The testing process involves mixing the material with organic waste and leaving it for 12 weeks under commercial composting conditions.

After this time the material must show evidence of being biodegraded due to microbial action. This means breaking down into water, carbon dioxide and biomass, rather than just breaking up into pieces, as degradable oil-based plastics do. To meet the standard, less than 10% of the remaining fragments are allowed to be larger than two millimeters.

The composted material is then tested for toxicity, to make sure its suitable to grow food crops. Finally, its sown with summer barley to check that it will support plant life.

However, Harmless-Dissolve is different. It is non-toxic and is degraded by micro-organisms, moulds and yeasts. These organisms can occur in both artificial environments, such as anaerobic digesters, activated sewage sludge and composts and natural environments such as aquatic systems and soil. The micro-organisms use Harmless-Dissolve as a food source by producing a variety of enzymes that are capable of reacting with it. In the end, the bag becomes carbon dioxide, water and biomass.

How does it fit into the circular economy?
The future of packaging is not just about using less packaging as that will just lead to us doing 'less bad' rather than 'good' but rather about redesigning packaging, the manufacturing process and the materials that get used, so that it can be 100% harmless; here today, gone tomorrow leaving no discernable trace.

To view the full article please click here.


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