6 Spot Humidity Indicator Card – Cobalt Dichloride Free

6 Spot Humidity Indicator Card – Cobalt Dichloride Free

 Cobalt-dichloride free humidity indicator cards (HIC) provide electronic and semiconductor manufacturers with a JEDEC-compliant humidity indicator card that is free of Cobalt-Dichloride, a chemical regulated under European Chemical Bureau (ECB) REACH directives. To offer the electronics and semiconductor industries a cobalt-dichloride (CoC12) free humidity indicator card, while maintaining the accuracy required by international JEDEC standards. 

200 HICs per can

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Many products such as sensitive semiconductors, electronics, optics, radar and various defence systems are highly sensitive to moisture. In order to constantly verify that dry packaging methods are not compromised during storage and transport of these products, humidity indicator cards allow users along the supply chain to monitor the package conditions. Some companies desire the use of indicators that are free of cobalt dichloride. The cobalt-dichloride free HI cards from Antistat provide verifiable colour change accuracy as required by JEDEC standard J-STD-033B, as well as exceed applicable regulations administered by the ECB.

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  • Cobalt dichloride free humidity indicator cards are free of cobalt-dichloride (CoCl2), a chemical which has classification and labelling requirements under the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) REACH directives
  • Fully compliant with JEDEC standard J-STD-033B for colour-change accuracy
  • Meets all relevant ECB/REACH labelling requirements
  • Typical applications include the dry packaging of semiconductor and electronic devices

6 Spot HIC - cobalt dichloride free - product datasheet

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