ESD Control Centre

ESD Control Centre

ESD Control Centre, a UK/USA based specialist manufacturing company, represents a synergistic yet diverse set of businesses.

Antistat™, Integrity® Cleanroom, Cygna and Cyberpac, deliver high-end, award-winning, technology-led packaging solutions and expertise, specialist ESD & Antistatic consumables, modular cleanrooms and consumables to industries spanning the electronics, medical, defense, aerospace, automotive and auto-sport sectors.

Our Clients include global brands like Apple, Pfizer, Sony, BMW, Celestica, Cisco, Farnell, Flextronics, Ford, Foxconn and IBM. ESD Control Centre also specialise in finding innovative technical solutions and reducing global purchasing & supply costs.

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With expertise in ESD consumables, high-end technology led packaging solutions, Antistat specialises in finding innovative technical solutions, as well as identifying ways to reduce purchasing and supply costs.


Cyberpac are award winning packaging and production specialists. Producing high-end bespoke solutions that include luxury, retail and food brands.


Cygna is a well established supplier of computer parts, sub-assemblies and complete units to major IT service suppliers in the UK and Europe.

integrity cleanroom

The Integrity range has been developed to meet the most stringent cleanroom process requirements which covers a full spectrum of cleanroom industries including Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device and Healthcare users to Microelectronics, Semiconductor, Nanotechnology, Precision Engineering and Automotive manufacturing.


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