Antistat is the trusted partner in ESD and Production Consumables, with a distribution network spanning the globe. Our approach has made us the preferred choice in Europe & the US, delivering a robust supply chain to major OEM/CEMs. We are an ISO:9001 manufacturer for the electronics sector – and are focused on meeting our clients' expectations & delivering exceptional customer service.

We are experts in personnel grounding equipment, ESD monitoring, testing equipment, ESD flooring, moisture & static safe shipping materials. Our electrostatic discharge consumables and high-end technology packaging solutions have been world-leading products since 1987.

With an established direct sales and vendor network bridging North America, Europe and Asia, we offer a truly global platform for delivering time-critical solutions even at short notice.

Spanning the electronics, medical, defence, aerospace, automotive and auto-sport sectors, our customer list includes BMW, Celestica, Cisco, Farnell, Flextronics, Ford, Foxconn and IBM.

2024 - The Year Ahead

Guaranteeing supply, sustainability and product innovation
What we are and what we do


To enable global manufacturers to build their products, their service and their reputation – our service is the very foundation of our customer’s success.

Why do we exist?


As a UK based technologies supply business, Ant Group are dedicated to the delivery of world class service to our customers – through these partnerships we grow as individuals and as a business.


As well as our best-selling ESD and production consumables, we also provide a global service, supply chain management and procurement outsourcing to manufacturing companies across the globe.

Our dedicated Global Service Team will manage all aspects including inventory management, cost reduction, rationalisation of suppliers, streamlined documentation processing and ongoing cost-saving alerts.

Transferring these specified key procurement activities relating to sourcing and supplier management to a third party improves speed, efficiency and allows companies focus on their key strategic objectives.


ISO Certified 9001:2015

On site testing lab to ANSI/ESD standards ensuring consistent quality for our customers

Development of multi award winning environmental solutions

Commitment to fair trade through rigorous supply chain audits

Active youth apprenticeship scheme and commitment to training & developing staff in line with company strategy

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