Supply Chain Solutions for ESD & Cleanroom Consumables

Electronic Sourcing - 15th anniversary - Banner - Antistat

Over the last fifteen years, Antistat has diversified its product range, won numerous awards, incorporated its business in the US and Germany and seen global reach extends to over 60 countries. We are delighted to be featured in the Electronic Sourcing 15th Anniversary Edition.

An agile nature has enabled our business to move the focus on sales and business towards the world’s technical manufacturing hubs as these markets change and grow with technology advances and market demand.

Incorporated in 1987, Antistat began working with Marconi on radiation-hard silicon on sapphire wafer projects for space, defence and satcom. The end of the Cold War left the company looking to new markets which came in the form of OEMs with the boom in personal computers, mobile phones and consumer electronics. The business then evolved to support blue-chip clients in the global electronics, EMS, automotive and medical arenas, alongside the initial defence electronics customer base.

A respected pan-European supplier of ESD production consumables.

To maintain the pace of growth, the company looked to European diversification. Cleanroom consumables were considered a good fit and sister company, Integrity Cleanroom, was formed. In 2016 Antistat incorporated in the US, basing ourselves in Texas having established key distributor agreements and our own warehouse. Long-established partnerships with good haulage and logistics providers allow Antistat to service European and US activity with back-office support from UK HQ.

The company is now enjoying 20 per cent year-on-year growth across the business. Antistat has always supplied solutions for satisfying just-in-time supply chains for advanced manufacturing businesses. We listen to what customers need and evolve processes and the supply chain to deliver products worldwide: right product, right place, right time.

The US Market

With newly launched US-supported websites, e-commerce is an enhanced cost-managed pathway to exports. Fluent in Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Slovakian and Polish, our expert staff can speak to their main markets in their native languages.

As experts in Supply Chain Management Antistat works with customers on:

  • Reductions in component purchase spend
  • Inventory management
  • Carriage and supply chain management costs
  • Rationalised supplier bases
  • Single point supplier contacts
  • Same-day/next-day and timed delivery
  • Streamlined documentation processing
  • Ongoing cost-saving alerts.

Electronics is one of the fastest moving industries and as our company builds on its success the global opportunities are excellent. It is not without its challenges, but a commitment to constant growth and team members, through training, innovation and personal development, plus a focus on quality and product curation, places Antistat at the forefront of delivering on set objectives and our customers’ objectives too.

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