Long Service Milestones

Last Thursday we celebrated the work anniversaries of some of our longest serving employees.

Stuart Somerville and Brian Gunfield have been working here now for 25 years while Kristy Talbot has been here for 33 years.   With the company growing and developing so much over the last 35+ years, there was a lot to reminisce over.

Antistat was founded in 1987 by CEO John Hensley when he began working with Marconi on radiation-hard silicon on sapphire wafer projects for space, defence and SATCOM.  In 1990 the company changed direction to support the boom in personal computers, mobile phones and tracker- ball technology to target blue chip electronics manufacturers. Since then the company has grown to become a well respected global supplier of ESD production consumables with a strong portfolio of products and services. The last 30 years have seen the fastest pace of change in technology and Kristy, Stuart and Brian have played an integral part in the company’s response to this change.  We are incredibly grateful and proud to have had such committed and hard-working members of staff stay by our side for so long.

The photo below was taken during their celebratory lunch with the directors where they were given certificates, cards and gifts to celebrate and recognise this amazing milestone.