Antistat’s ESD Anti-fatigue Matting is of excellent quality with a life span from 3-5 years

These anti-fatigue, ergonomic, anti-slip, and ESD mats are of supreme quality, durable, and come with a life span of 3-5 years (*use dependent). Perfect for operators who stand during working hours on hard, slippery or cold floors. Our anti-slip, anti-fatigue and ESD safety mats improve the standing comfort by around 50%.

Choose your matting from our excellent range below, including textured EPA mats, the most elastic and anti-fatigue work mat. This range is made from strong and durable PU, nitrile or EPDM Rubber compounds and retains its permanent elastic shape. It has been designed to meet IEC61340-5-1 standards with Rp 105 – 107 Ohms and Rg 105 – 107 Ohms.

ESD Textured Anti-fatigue EPA Matting Range

ESD Textured Anti-fatigue EPA Matting Range - Detail - Antistat

ESD Textured Anti-fatigue EPA Mat (Bubble or Disc Surface)

Suitable for all employees working within EPAs in automotive, electronic and cleanroom industries. Available with bubble or disc designed surfaces. Bubble surface offers highest standing comfort, the disc surface offers easy access for material vehicles.

ESD Anti-Fatigue EPA Matting B1 - Bubble & Disc - Corner - Antistat

ESD Textured Anti-fatigue EPA Mat B1 (Bubble or Disc Surface)

Fire-retardant matting is the optimum for EPA areas. This matting is suitable for operators working within the electronics and automotive industries as the disc designed surface creates low friction. HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

ESD Anti-slip & Oil Resistant Matting Range

ESD Anti-Slip and Oil Resistant Matting - Cone - Antistat

ESD Anti-slip & Oil Resistant Matting (Cone Surface)

This matting is the optimum ergonomic solution for wet, oily and slippery industrial areas, due to its resistance to most industrial oils and fluids. This matting is made from 100% nitrile rubber compound, with an elastic underside construction for excellent standing comfort.

ESD Anti-Slip and Oil Resistant Matting - Disc - Antistat

ESD Anti-slip & Oil Resistant Matting (Disc Surface)

High-end solution for all-around industry areas. Made from 100% virgin nitrile rubber compound, this matting is extremely durable and resistant to most industrial oils, chemicals and fluids. It is suitable for areas working with high work traffic, wagons and material carts.

Antistatic Anti-fatigue Deck Matting - Whole - Antistat

Antistatic Anti-Fatigue Deck Matting

This antistatic matting incorporates a deck plate surface design that is anti-slip, durable and easy to clean. Suitable for assembly lines and operator areas within automotive, electronic, medical pick and pack and cleanroom industries.

Featuring yellow safety borders on 2 sides and ramped edges on all sides – this matting has high standing comfort and positive anti-fatigue effects on employees.

Comes with a 5 year guarantee.

Watch our useful video below, to help you decide which type of ESD Anti-fatigue Matting is right for your industry.

For further information on the Antistat range of matting, customisation or if you need any expert advice, please contact us below, or ring 01473 836 200.

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