ESD Brushes

Our durable and easily maintained ESD brushes have plastic bristles that are either conductive or static dissipative. Used within a static controlled area, the brushes are designed to dust PCBs and other static sensitive items that require particles removed safely.

The specially developed brushes are ideal for cleaning delicate components, integrated circuits and workstations surfaces.

Features and Benefits

  • Both conductive nylon and dissipative plastic bristle options
  • Ergonomic handles for comfort during prolonged use
  • Safely dissipate static charges without damaging electronic components
  • Important tool for any static controlled workstation
  • Firm bristles which are ideal for working with electronic devices


  • Cleaning PCBs
  • Brushing down workstations and antistatic mats
  • Cleaning delicate electronic components that require ESD protection

Download our size guide for the range of ESD brushes

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Conductive Nylon Bristles

ESD brush made from conductive materials, suitable for cleaning PC boards and parts.

ESD Brushes - Antistat

Dissipative Plastic Bristles

The brushes are ideal for cleaning and brushing away dust and particles to ensure a clean working area.

ESD Dissipative Brushes - Antistat

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