ESD Dotted Palm & Fingers Striped Glove

ESD Dotted Palm & Fingers Striped Glove

Low-cost Polyester ESD Gloves, suitable for all assembly processes. Manufactured from an elastic, non-bright processed fabric, and containing a continuous filament knitted with a carbon core, these static dissipative gloves also feature dotted palm and fingers for good dexterity and grip.

Available in a range of sizes.




1 pair
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An ESD / Anti Static glove with non-slip properties, good elasticity and good ventilation, great for use in micro electronics, assembly and packing.

  • PVC dotted palm and fingers provide enhanced grip
  • Delicate round tip finishing to maintain dexterity
  • Surface resistivity: 1010 / ohms sq
  • PVC embossed palm with 100% cotton lining provides excellent sweat absorbency for user comfort
  • The 100% polyester back features a conductive carbon line every 10mm
  • Suitable for use when handling large ESD sensitive items
  • Ideal for quality control inspections
  • Suitable for use when assembling electronic devices

ESD Dotted Palm & Fingers Striped Glove Product Datasheet

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