ESD Floor Marking Tape – Printed

ESD Floor Marking Tape – Printed

Our highly visible, 3″ wide Printed Floor Marking Tape features the ESD caution logo in black print, creating a prominent marker of EPA boundaries. The tape is self-adhesive and adheres well to both synthetic and clean, particle-free concrete floors. The tape is laminated with a clear film to protect the print from wear and tear.

This popular product is sold in rolls of 75mm width and 33m length.

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Our yellow ESD Floor Marking Tape is printed with the ESD logo as per EN 61340-5-1. This highly visible, self-adhesive tape is suitable for marking the boundaries of ESD protected areas.


Please note that the tape is not antistatic and is intended to mark the outer boundaries of an EPA. It should not be used within an EPA.

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  • Tape adheres very well to synthetic floors such as PVC tiles
  • Tape also adheres to concrete floors and can be expected to remain intact for several months depending on traffic
  • Yellow tape printed in black with the ESD logo as per EN61340-5-1 and the text ESD Protected Area
  • The carrier tape is laminated with a clear film to protect the print
  • The tape is not antistatic as it is intended for use outside the EPA
  • 75mm width x 33m length
  • Ensure non-ESD personnel do not accidentally enter the EPA
  • Clearly Mark ESD protected areas

ESD Printed Floor Tape - Product Datasheet

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