ESD PU Palm Striped Gloves

ESD PU Palm Striped Gloves

Our low-cost, lightweight Static Dissipative Gloves with PU coated Palm are ideal for electronic assembly and packing, being manufactured from an elastic, non-bright processed fabric containing a continuous filament knitted with a carbon core. The polyurethane glove palm is complemented by a 100% polyester back, with a conductive carbon line every 10mm.

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A low-cost ESD glove offering good antistatic properties combined with dexterity; the PU coated palm ensures a secure grip and makes it an ideal glove for electronic assembly and packing.

  • 100% polyester with polyurethane coated palm
  • Surface resistivity 1 x 1010 ohms
  • Lightweight gloves with excellent grip. The PU palm helps prevent slipping when holding awkward shaped items
  • Extra grip for handling large or heavy items
  • Inspecting ESD sensitive components

ESD PU Palm Striped Glove - Product Datasheet


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