Pink Antistatic Bubble Bag

Pink Antistatic Bubble Bag

The pink antistatic bubble bag is suitable for packaging non ESD items within and ESD protected area. Soft texture and flexible material with a two layer extrusion with calendar roll to thermoform bubble. The bags are heat sealed along three edges and are provided with a low static 30mm peel and seal lip. Standard colour: Pink (Custom colours and sizes available – Please enquire)

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Suitable for packaging non ESD items within an ESD protected area.

Antistatic bags protect devices or components from electrostatic discharges, particularly useful when being transported or stored outside of the safe working environment. The soft textured, flexible material along with the sealed air bubbles offers a superior cushioning and shock proof function. The bags are available in custom sizes or in several industry standard sizes.

We have a wide range of ESD & Conductive bags available. Click here to see the range.

 • Blow moulded with anti static additives from LDPE and LLDPE 

• The sealed air bubble offers superior cushioning and shock proof function 

• Standard colour: Pink, but can be custom made in different colours and sizes according to clients requirements (MOQ applies) 

• Soft texture and flexible material 

• Manufacturing method: Two layer extrusion with calender roll to thermoform bubble 

• Does not generate a static charge 

  • Suitable for packing non-static sensitive items within an EPA
  • Will not generate a charge when rubbed against other materials


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