Straight Earth Lead – Conical Head

Straight Earth Lead – Conical Head

Suitable for use with all ESD and antistatic mats, this Straight Earth Lead with Conical Head ensures the grounding stud remains protected, reducing the likelihood of disconnection.

10ft long cord, covered with non-conductive PU, with a resistivity of 1M ohm +/1 10%.

SKU: 067-0038


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Suitable for use with all ESD and antistatic mats, the smooth conical head of this straight earth lead protects the grounding stud and reduces the likelihood of disconnection. The 10ft long cord outer is covered with non-conductive PU.

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  • Low profile cone prevents cord becoming detached
  • Outer covered with non-conductive PU
  • Length: 10ft Diameter of cord: 2.4 mm
  • Resistivity : 1M Ohm +/- 10%
  • Connecting wrist straps to constant monitors
  • Enabling ESD sensitive equipment to ground correctly

Straight Earth Lead – Conical Head Product Datasheet


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