Antistat supports the Bloodhound Project


Multi award-winning technology company Antistat, Europe’s largest supplier of ESD, Production & Cleanroom consumables are proud to announce our product sponsorship of the Bloodhound Project; a British made 1,000mph supersonic car.

Antistat supplied The Bloodhound Project with specialist ESD flooring technology and advice, during the crucial hybrid rocket system build stage. With over 28 years of experience in supplying the world’s leading manufacturers of Electronics, Automotive, Defence and Medical around the globe, Antistat was the obvious choice and will now play their part in this new world record attempt. This challenge will no doubt capture the imagination of a worldwide audience and generations of budding engineers for years to come.

Helen Dawdry, Sales Manager for Antistat UK says they share a similar vision:

Like the Bloodhound Project, Antistat are a centre of excellence in their field, developing award winning supply chain solutions for our global manufacturing customer base. This record attempt is about using the very best in the World from the driver through to the tools used to build the car. We are very proud to be known as a trusted partner working hand in hand with the elite of British engineering innovation.

The Bloodhound Project is targeting a new World Land Speed Record, beating the previous British success story Thrust SSC, which reached 763mph back in 1997. The supersonic car is a mix of car and aircraft technology, the front half being carbon fibre like a racing car and the back half being a metallic framework like an aircraft.

The facts:

Reaching 1,000mph in just 55 seconds, the fighter jet engine and cluster of hybrid rockets produce 135,000 horsepower that’s 6 times more than all of the formula one cars on a starting grid put together!

  • Four and a half football pitches in 1 second
  • 150 metres in the blink of an eye
  • Faster than a bullet fired from a Magnum 357
  • Its own car length in less than 3 hundredths of a second

Watch this video:

Photo Credit: Flock & Siemens