Buy Anti Static gloves from the ESD & Antistatic experts

Antistat offers a wide selection of high quality, low cost ESD gloves.  

Designed to safeguard against static discharge, ESD gloves are the perfect solution to ensure protection for ESD sensitive equipment.  

In addition to ESD protection, ESD Gloves offer defence against dust and particle contamination, making them ideal for critical production environments. 

We stock a range of seamless, disposable, PU palm, and PU tip gloves, expertly crafted to provide operators with exceptional dexterity and comfort. Whether you require heat resistance or antistatic properties, our gloves are tailored to meet your needs.  

Protect sensitive electronic components. Available in various styles, sizes, and materials. Our affordable static dissipative gloves ensure a safe and secure working environment for your Electrostatic Protected Area (EPA).

Optimum dexterity and comfort. ESD Safety gloves protects against electrostatic discharge. Price shown is per pair of gloves. Fast Delivery Available

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