Antistatic Waste Bins

Antistatic Waste Bins

Conductive Waste Bins, when used in conjunction with our range of antistatic bin liners, provide a comprehensive ESD safe solution to waste disposal. Featuring the ESD logo for easy identification, these bins are designed specifically for use in EPAs. We have a range of bins available – contact us for more details and stock availability.

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Antistatic Waste Bins are manufactured from carbon-infused polypropylene, the Antistatic Waste Bin can be safely used in a static controlled area.


• Placed on an ESD floor or ESD floor mat, these bins will ensure that the ESD path to ground is maintained.

• Use antistatic bin liners with these bins to ensure that no charge is generated.

  • Made of black, carbon infused polypropylene
  • Washable
  • Marked with ESD logo
  • Volume Resistance: 104 – 109 Ohms
  • Waste collection in ESD protected areas

Antistatic Waste Bins - Product Datasheet

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