ESD Refuse Sacks

Our ESD Bin Liners are specifically designed for the particular needs of the electronics industry and, when used in conjunction with our range of antistatic bins, provide a comprehensive ESD-safe solution to waste disposal in an ESD protected area. Available in a range of six colours, these 110-litre refuse sacks are sold in packs of 100.

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From £24.95

From: £24.95

From: £24.95
Pack of 100
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Available in a variety of colour options for easy identification, our ESD refuse sacks are ideal for collecting waste within an EPA as the sack material prevents static build-up when discarding items near ESD sensitive equipment or components. When used in conjunction with Antistat’s antistatic bins, these 110 litre waste sacks provide a comprehensive ESD-safe solution to waste disposal.

Choose from 6 different colours; Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow, Clear and Black. All antistatic bin liners feature an ESD Logo and text for easy identification.

  • Specifically designed to meet the needs of the electronics industry
  • Made of homogenous, non-amine antistatic polyethylene which is effective at low relative humidities (less than 12%)
  • Printed in black with the industry-standard ESD logo and text for ease of identification
  • Available in blue, yellow, clear, black, green and pink
  • Surface resistance of <1011 ohms/sq
  • 450 x 735 x 990mm (110 litre)
  • Collecting waste within an EPA

ESD Refuse Sacks Product Datasheet

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