ESD Heel Strap with Clip Fastener

ESD Heel Strap with Clip Fastener

A durable ESD Heel Strap Grounder that includes a simple clip fastener for ease of use. The heel strap is designed to ensure continuous ESD protection and long-term use. The clip fastener is a convenient alternative to a hook and loop strap with its quick open and close function.

Durable, reusable, and available from stock.

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This hard-wearing, ESD heel strap comes with a simple snap release for ease of use. Designed for long term use, these heel straps are reusable and can be washed by hand in mild detergents. Intended for use in conjunction with all ESD flooring or matting, each heel strap incorporates a 1 Meg Ohm safety resistor.


  • It is recommended that a heel strap should be worn on both feet
  • The heel grounder must be tested from time to time using the footwear test station, Product Code: 093-0037

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  • Each heel strap incorporates a 1 Meg Ohm safety resistor
  • These hard wearing heel straps are designed for long term use
  • The straps can be hand washed in mild detergent
  • Outer conductive surface: 103  – 105.
  • Inner anti-static surface: 107 – 108
  • Conductive tab: 103 – 104.
  • Overall resistivity: 106
  • Conforms to the requirements of ANSI/ESD S-20.20 and EIA 625
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