ESD Metal Wrist Strap – Adjustable

ESD Metal Wrist Strap – Adjustable

A fully expandable ESD Metal Wrist Strap produced in a stainless steel link system. Available in a range of sizes, and with an inherent elasticity due to design, there is constant operator skin contact on wrists of all sizes.

Also suitable for use in cleanrooms. Order yours today.




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An expandable ESD metal wrist straps are made from a stainless steel flexible metal that ensures consistent operator skin contact. The stainless steel band is easy to keep clean and doesn’t generate particles, so it is ideal for use in semi-clean/low particulate environments such as cleanrooms.

10mm stud can also be used with our range of grounding cords available to buy online.

Please see here for our other selection of ESD Wrist Straps.

  • Stainless steel, link system wrist strap
  • Available in a range of sizes, these straps easily fit any wrist size
  • Elasticity: expansion ratio of 1.5:1
  • Outer wristband: insulative with a coating of polyurethane based polymer
  • Inner wristband: conductive <1.0×104ohms
  • 10mm snap
  • A high quality, robust and comfortable wristband
  • Ideal for use in semi-clean / low particulate environments

ESD Metal wrist strap datasheet


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