High Temperature Masking Tape

High Temperature Masking Tape

This High Temperature Polyimide Tape is ideal for masking printed circuit boards during wave solder or solder dip processes, as well as for solder wave masking and electrical insulation. This product has remarkable dimensional stability and excellent electrical and physical properties over a wide range of temperatures.

Available in 8 different widths.

SKU: 051-0007

From £1.98

From: £1.98

From: £1.98
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This high-temperature masking tape is a polyimide, pressure-sensitive, adhesive tape with silicon resin which shows excellent dielectric insulation properties, high heat resistance and excellent solvent resistance. In addition, this product is neither corrosive nor ozone-depleting and is both flame and chemical resistant.

Rolls of 33m, available in eight different widths.

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  • Total Thickness: 0.070mm
  • Heat Resistance: 230°C
  • Silicon resin adhesive
  • Excellent solvent resistance
  • Neither corrosive nor ozone depleting
  • Flame and chemical resistant
  • Rolls of 33m, available in eight different widths to suit a variety of needs
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