Static Shielding Bag – Grip Seal

Static Shielding Bag – Grip Seal

Our grip seal Static Shielding Bags are designed to give ultimate protection against static damage to electronic components. The semi-transparent material allows for easy content identification, and the grip seal top ensures contents are safely stored until needed.

Available in a range of sizes.

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From £4.54

From: £4.54

From: £4.54
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A full range of Metal Static Shielding Bags with a grip seal feature, providing full protection against the risks of ESD. This range is designed to give ultimate protection against static damage to electronic components and devices whilst being handled, in storage and during transportation. The four-layer construction creates a Faraday cage effect, shielding sensitive contents from charges inside and out, making it ideal for static-sensitive components such as PCBs.

If you don’t need a grip seal closure, view our range of Open-top Static Shielding Bags instead.

For a broader range of sizes, please contact our Sales team who will be happy to help.

RoHS and Reach compliant.


  • Metal “Faraday cage” layer shields products from electric energy inside and prevents static build-up
  • Four-layer protection guards against charges inside and out
  • Semi-transparent for easy content identification
  • Surface resistance of 10 – 1010 Ohms
  • Conforms to EIA 625, EIA 541, ANSI/ESD S-20.20 and EN61340-51-ESD
  • Can be quickly and easily sealed, opened and resealed with no need for additional equipment
  • Suitable for transporting static sensitive components
  • Ideal for storing ESD sensitive products within an EPA

Static Shielding Bag Grip Seal Product Datasheet

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