Moisture Barrier Bags – 4.4Mil

Moisture Barrier Bags – 4.4Mil

Our high-quality Moisture Barrier Bags 4.4Mil protect sensitive equipment and products from both electrostatic discharge damage (ESD) and moisture damage during shipping and storage. The puncture-resistant, opaque and light-tight 4.4mil material ensures that the contents cannot be seen, offering additional operational security.

Suitable for vacuum-sealing, these bags offer maximum resistance to vapour and oxygen.

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Moisture Barrier Bags 4.4mil protect electronics from moisture and static damage during storage and transportation. The bags are opaque and light-tight ensuring the contents cannot be seen from the outside, adding a layer of operational security. Our moisture barrier bags are suitable for packing electronic products which are sensitive to moisture and static e.g. PCBs or integrated circuits. The puncture-resistant and moisture-proof packaging has a flexible structure and is suitable for vacuum-sealing.

Custom printing is available on request, although minimum order quantities might apply. Please contact the team for more details.

Moisture Barrier Bags – 4.4mil are RoHS and Reach compliant.

Can’t find the size you are looking for? Contact us for bespoke options.

Product Code: Description: Size (in): Size (mm): Pack Size:


Moisture Barrier Bag 4.4Mil 6 x 28 152.4 x 711.2 Pack of 100


Moisture Barrier Bag 4.4Mil 10 x 20 254 x 508 Pack of 100


Moisture Barrier Bag 4.4Mil 10 x 12 254 x 304.8 Pack of 100

We also stock Moisture Barrier Bags 3.6 mil and 6mil.

  • Firm lamination and hot sealing offers superior resistance of vapour and oxygen
  • Surface resistance of 10– 1011Ω
  • Flat open top style with a printable surface
  • Flexible structure, easy to vacuum seal
  • Also available in 3.6 and 6Mil thicknesses
  • Customised printing is available
  • Minimum order quantities may apply for some sizes
  • Protecting electronics from moisture and static damage
  • Storing static sensitive devices in humid environments
  • Safely transporting Jedec trays
  • Keeping components dry

Moisture Barrier Bag 4.4mil


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