Earloop Facemask

Earloop Facemask

These disposable Earloop Facemasks are a silicone- free and lint-free hypoallergenic solution for your clean environments. Available sterile, non-sterile, and in an extra-wide option, these comfortable masks with malleable nose piece for better fit are available to buy today.


From £3.65

From: £3.65

From: £3.65
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These Earloop Facemasks are cleanroom processed and packaged to reduce particles. Silicone-free and lint-free with polyurethane loops, the masks have ultra-low lint and contamination level. Hypoallergenic soft surface layers prevent skin irritation and allergy problems, while ultrasonic bonding reduces contamination and outgassing. Extra width (210mm) option provides maximum facial coverage and reduces skin exposure.

  • Polymer ES – material Silicon-free and lint-free with polyurethane earoops
  • Hypoallergenic soft surface prevents skin irritation and allergy problems
  • Cleanroom processed and packaged to reduce particles
  • 3-Ply
  • Available in two sizes: 180mm x 90mm or 210mm x 90mm
  • Extra-wide (210mm) provides maximum facial coverage and reduces exposed skin
  • Catch bacteria from wearer’s nose and mouth
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